Data collection

Planning, expert opinions, models or other work often require an input of additional or current data. I AM HYDRO offers a variety of data for different applications from one source.

As experts for data collection at water bodies, we sit down with you if requested and determine which data is important for you. Together with the client, a measurement concept is then created and implemented by our experienced experts and with our own measuring equipment. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can collect the urgently needed data for you quickly and without complications.

Flow velocity and discharge measurement

We offer flow velocity and discharge measurements with various handheld devices as well as ADCP. We perform point, transect and grid surveys of 2D and 3D velocity profiles.

Water quality

Single measurements and sampling are part of our service offer as well as installation and support of permanent logger systems for different chemical and physical parameters.

Water level loggers and gauges

Installation, commissioning and support of water level loggers and water level probes. We also offer the installation of gauging stations and the establishment of water level-discharge relationships for gauging sites.

Sediment sampling

We offer a range of different sampling methods as well as laboratory analysis of sediment samples. Sampling methods we use include the freeze-core method, sampling with the van-Veen grab, photo-sieving, and shovel sampling.


Holistic data collection of water systems with different methods for detailed spatial and temporal recording of dynamic processes. Thus, we offer a range of services to record and quantify dynamic processes in water bodies.


Mapping of habitats, substrates, vegetation, and structures by on-site methods and by using or based on high-resolution, georeferenced aerial photographs and orthophotos.

Geospatial data

The acquisition of high quality and quantitatively sufficient geospatial data for various applications such as hydraulic-numerical modeling. You can find out more about our range of services in the field of geodata in the surveying section.

Projects / References

April 2022

Feldstudie Shohimardon, Usbekistan

Feldstudie zur Untersuchung der Durchgängigkeit und Mindestwasserabgabe eines Kraftwerkneubaus in Shohimardon (Usbekistan) im Rahmen des EU-geförderten HYDRO4U-Projektes

April 2022

Installation HydroCam an der Limmat (Schweiz)

Installation einer HydroCam an der Limmat (Schweiz) zur Überwachung einer Fischaufstiegsanlage