Monitoring fish

In this area, we specialize in camera-based methods and automated, optical fish counters. In addition, we offer consulting on other methods such as telemetry and sonar systems.

Furthermore, we are actively involved in research and development in the field of technical monitoring solutions.

Besides the services and the offer of technology, I AM HYDRO is initiator of the symposium on technical monitoring of fish. Information around the event can be found here.

Camera based monitoring

Due to our many years of experience in the field of camera-based fish monitoring, we provide a wide range of services in this area. We offer support in planning, implementation, and evaluation of monitoring projects with camera systems. We use different cameras and rental systems depending on the project.

Information about our self-developed, smart underwater camera system can be found in the I AM HYDRO CAM section.

Fish counter

As a sales and service partner of the Riverwatcher – the fish counter, we offer a range of services related to this system. In addition to sales and installation, we also offer all-round support of the systems including evaluation, data backup, remote maintenance and reporting.

Projects / References

April 2022

Feldstudie Shohimardon, Usbekistan

Feldstudie zur Untersuchung der Durchgängigkeit und Mindestwasserabgabe eines Kraftwerkneubaus in Shohimardon (Usbekistan) im Rahmen des EU-geförderten HYDRO4U-Projektes

April 2022

Installation HydroCam an der Limmat (Schweiz)

Installation einer HydroCam an der Limmat (Schweiz) zur Überwachung einer Fischaufstiegsanlage