Remote Sensing with UAS

I AM HYDRO is a leading international expert in consulting, implementation, and research in the field of remote sensing of hydro systems with unmanned aerial systems (UAS), also called drones. Various optical sensors and UAS carrier systems from different manufacturers are used by us to acquire high spatial and temporal resolution data. DTMs, bathymetry, substrate, and vegetation maps, NIR and NDVI maps, habitat structures as well as spatial and temporal changes in water morphology and habitats can be precisely recorded and quantified.

Many years of experience

Since 2013, I AM HYDRO has been providing comprehensive services as well as research and development work in the field of remote sensing of hydro systems with UAS. The use of multicopters enables a high resolution of temporal and spatial data at highest precision. The significant increase in efficiency opens up new possibilities for data acquisition. Especially in the field of data collection for hydraulic, morphology and habitat modeling as well as mapping, this technology adds tremendous value to the collected data compared to conventional methods.

In 2013, we launched the HyDroneS - Hydrosystem Drone Surveying project and have further developed our know-how in a variety of national and international projects, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Slovenia, Malaysia, Bhutan, South Sudan and Thailand.

Our services range from implementation, training, consulting to research and development. Through our many deployments and years of experience, we can offer a range of unique services and procedures.

We also act as a consultant in the form of training and support during project implementation. This enables us to provide you and your employees with optimal support, in national as well as international projects.

Data collection

We offer you the following services: From aerial surveys, mapping and DTM creation to model creation and its application entirely according to your needs. You tell us your problem and the location - we record the data with the most suitable method and provide you with the data in the format you need.


In addition to data collection, we also offer a range of post-processing services. For example, we offer digital terrain models (DTM), georeferenced orthophotos, hydraulic and hydraulic-morphodynamic modeling, as well as various GIS applications and habitat models.

Consulting & Training

Due to our experience from many projects and our independence from software and hardware manufacturers, we can provide you with optimal consulting services for your project. Whether it is the training of your employees, the consulting for the implementation of projects or the acquisition of hardware - we support you in realizing your projects with the latest technology. The integration of the latest technology in projects and companies as well as working processes, in a fast-changing market, is a challenge. We believe that the quality of the results is a question of know-how and not the amount of investment in software and hardware.

Research & Development

I AM HYDRO is actively involved in national and international research projects. Together with universities, research institutes and companies we are working on the development of new technologies and workflows in UAS based remote sensing of hydro systems. At various universities and colleges we offer regularly recurring lectures on the topic and supervise bachelor and master theses on this subject.

Projects / References

April 2022

Feldstudie Shohimardon, Usbekistan

Feldstudie zur Untersuchung der Durchgängigkeit und Mindestwasserabgabe eines Kraftwerkneubaus in Shohimardon (Usbekistan) im Rahmen des EU-geförderten HYDRO4U-Projektes

April 2022

Installation HydroCam an der Limmat (Schweiz)

Installation einer HydroCam an der Limmat (Schweiz) zur Überwachung einer Fischaufstiegsanlage