The NEPTUN system is installed in a variety of facilities. It is been used for the protection and monitoring of migrating fishes.

Following some examples:


  • Hydroelectric plant at the Madeira river, Jirau


  • Guidance of sea lamprey in traps, Bridgeland Creek (portable NEPTUN)
  • Fish barrier in the Ontario lake


  • Nuclear power plant Philipsburg, Rhein
  • Fish barrier in the Murg river, Gaggenau


  • Hydroelectric plant in the Widawka river, Szczerców
  • Hydroelectric plant in the Drzewiczka river, Drzewica
  • Hydroelectric plant in the Wisłok river, Rzeszów
  • Hydroelectric plant in the Oder river, Kędzierzyn Koźle
  • Hydroelectric plant in the Wisła river, Smolice
  • Monitoring the effects of the "Plan of development of eels in Poland" (portabler NEPTUN)
  • Dam in the Bóbr river, Krzywaniec


  • Hydroelectric plant at the Lake Geneva, Veytaux


  • Fishways Global
  • Evaluation of the NEPTUN, low-voltage dc, fish-guidance system to manipulate movement patterns of migrating adult sea lampreys to traps, Hammond Bay Biological Station, USGS, Great Lakes Science Center, Millersburg (portable NEPTUN)
  • Field tests of the Neptun low-voltage dc fish-guidance system to block adult lamprey migration and to guide lamprey into portable trap, Silver Creek River, Ocqueoc River, Michigan (portable NEPTUN)

Further informations about applications of NEPTUN can be obtained here and here.