I AM HYDRO offers a multitude of services from a single source. Through partnerships we are able to wildly expand our offer. The coordination of different contractors and institutions will be handled by us and is therefore less labor-intensive for the customer. All results will be aggregated us and then handed over to you.


I AM HYDRO is always interested in taking part in innovative projects. We are constantly integrating new technologies into our workflow allowing for faster and improved data collection in the field of environmental measuring technology. Examples of these new technologies are autonomic sensors or drones to make three dimensional models or geo-referenced aerial images of aquatic ecosystems.

Our range of applications includes:


  • individual measuring or campaign surveys (flow, water level, etc.)
  • creation of stage-discharge relationships
  • measuring of precipitation and evaporation
  • installation and maintenance of data loggers
  • determining of infiltration rates

Fluvial and Lake Hydraulics

  • discharges
  • profiles of waterbodies
  • mapping
  • modelling


  • collection of sediment samples
  • installation of sediment traps/buckets
  • mapping of grainsizes
  • sieving curves

Aquatic Ecology

  • Sales and Service for the VAKI Riverwatcher Fishcounter
  • camera based monitoring of fish
  • electrofishing
  • passability studies on fish passes
  • benthos probes
  • micro- and meso-habitat mapping
  • hydrochemical water analysis


Installation, maintenance, data sifting, data analysis, data protection/saving/backup, data transmission and post-processing of sensors of relevant factors in the soil-plant-atmosphere system:

  • climate stations (wind, radiation, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Eddy-covariance measuring stations
  • individually assembled sensors

Scientific Diving

  • planning and execution of operations in standing and running water bodies
  • samplings
  • mappings
  • in-situ assembling and maintenance of scientific devices
  • employment of certified European Scientific Diver (ESD)


If you are working on a problem or are confronted with a task that may fit into our field but has not been mentioned explicitly, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would like to help you and give you advice on various possibilities and solutions.