With many years of development and research the Riverwatcher has a proven track record of reliability and accuracy. The Riverwatcher is in operation to monitor fish migration patterns in over 300 rivers world-wide in a wide variety of fish ladders, weirs and passes many in exposed conditions. Several different installations options are available to suit almost any river and location.The Riverwatcher can be custom made to fit special needs.

I AM HYDRO GmbH is the sales and service agent for the VAKI Riverwatcher for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

The Riverwatcher Fishcounter is developed and build by VAKI in Iceland.VAKI is a leading company in the development and manufacture of equipment for both fish farming and river stock management. VAKI maintains a worldwide quality service network and our products are exported to more than fifty countries. VAKI’s main market areas are Norway, Scotland, Chile and Canada, together with the Mediterranean countries. 

VAKI has provided it´s customers with innovative products and delivered high quality and value to its growing customer base, since 1986. VAKI focuses on fish counting and size estimation. What all our products have in common is that they give the user accurate information to facilitate planning and decision making. They also raise the level of automation and contribute towards increased efficiency in both fish farming and wild fish research.

More detailed Information about the Riverwatcher Fishcounter in English language can be found on www.riverwatcher.is