Fish protection

Neptun – Low Voltage Fish Protection

Fish protection

NEPTUN by Procom Systems is an electrical barrier designed to prevent fish from accessing hydraulic structures or can be used as a fish migration barrier. The effectiveness of this system has been extensively evaluated under the Sector Operational Program “Fishery and Fish Processing 2004-2006” by the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences and the Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn (Żabieniec Branch).

I AM HYDRO serves as the exclusive distributor of NEPTUN in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We provide comprehensive consulting, work closely with the experts from Procom Systems, and deliver customized fish guidance systems tailored to your specific requirements.

Fish protection

Neptun - Low Voltage Fish Protection

The use of NEPTUN allows for the protection of fish from unnecessary suffering and injuries, enabling them to undertake uninterrupted natural migration. Moreover, by implementing this system, the operational and maintenance costs of hydraulic structures can be significantly reduced, leading to an extended lifespan for these facilities.



Fish protection


An upstream installed Neptun fish guidance system prevents fish from entering turbines by allowing them to redirect their migration or find a safe descent through fish passes.

A downstream installed Neptun fish guidance system protects ascending fish from entering the strong, oxygen-rich turbine outlets and guides them into fish passes instead.

The Neptun fish guidance system plays a significant role in ensuring the ecological continuity of rivers in accordance with the Water Framework Directive. It reduces animal suffering and minimizes damage to power plant facilities.

Fish protection

Protection of technical facilities

The Neptun fish guidance system plays a crucial role in protecting technical facilities that require water from above-ground sources for power plant cooling or process water extraction. In conventional systems, it is unfortunately common for numerous animals to die in the pumps, which is not only ethically problematic but also requires significant effort to clean the facilities.

Thanks to the Neptun fish guidance system, both fish and technical facilities are protected. This not only contributes to animal rescue but also minimizes the cleaning effort and ensures efficient and sustainable operation of the facilities.


Protection of water bodies with fish migration barriers

The Neptun System can also be used as a fish migration barrier. This can help prevent invasive species from entering sensitive aquatic ecosystems or protect fish farms from predators.


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I AM HYDROCam installation on the Lech

Installation of a HydroCam on the Lech for
monitoring a fish trap.

Field study Shohimardon, Uzbekistan

Field study to investigate the passage and minimum
water discharge of a new hydropower plant.


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