Fish monitoring

Fish counts and surveys

Fish monitoring

I AM HYDRO has extensive expertise in developing technical solutions for fish monitoring. Our focus is on advanced camera-based approaches and the implementation of automated optical fish counting systems. In addition, we provide in-depth consulting on alternative methods such as telemetry and sonar systems.


Camera-based monitoring

Through our extensive experience in the field of camera-based fish monitoring, we offer a range of services in this area. We provide support in planning, conducting, and evaluating monitoring operations with camera systems. We tailor our approach to the specific needs of each project, utilizing various cameras and rental systems as required.
For information about our proprietary, smart underwater camera system, please refer to the I AM HYDRO CAM section.


Fish counter

As a sales and service partner of the Riverwatcher fish counter, we offer a range of services related to this system. In addition to sales and installation, we provide comprehensive system support, including data analysis, data backup, remote maintenance, and reporting.

Additional monitoring services

Functional checks

Assessment of the functionality of fish passage facilities and bypass systems.

Efficiency assessments

Camera-based efficiency assessments of fish traps, weirs, and protective structures.

Monitoring in open waters

Fish monitoring at remote sites in open waters without infrastructure.

Special inquiries

Underwater monitoring and surveillance for special inquiries, such as the monitoring of underwater infrastructure.


Our Projects

I AM HYDRO GmbH is an internationally active company. 

Since our inception, we have been involved in numerous projects both domestically and abroad.

I AM HYDROCam installation on the Lech

Installation of a HydroCam on the Lech for monitoring a fish trap.

Field study Shohimardon, Uzbekistan

Field study to investigate the passage and minimum water discharge of a new hydropower plant.


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