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Increasingly complex inquiries and the advancing development of computer applications demand continuous enhancements in terms of the spatial and temporal precision of the utilized data. Modern investigative methods and long-term monitoring require that data of exceptional and consistent quality be collected, as they significantly impact the outcomes. I AM HYDRO GmbH is a leading expert in innovative measurement technologies, offering efficient operations and a wide range of services that fulfill all requirements comprehensively.

I AM HYDRO draws upon a rich wealth of experience in various field investigations. Both the practical execution and the theoretical understanding of different investigative methods are excellent within their respective domains. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in the application of various models and the utilization of diverse post-processing applications, which complement our services.


Our Services

Do you need water-related data for your project? We can assist you with advice and knowledge transfer.

We offer comprehensive water-related data collection services for bodies of water around the world. You tell us what you need, and we will create a customized measurement and monitoring plan for you. We can either collect the data using our in-house equipment or provide manufacturer-neutral guidance on selecting suitable hardware and software, as well as training your team for execution.

We are here to support you with our experience from international projects!


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UAS for remote sensing of water bodies

10 years of experience in UAS training for water-related data

Environmental measurement & hydrometry

Training in measurement techniques, instruments, and applications in the field of environmental measurement and data collection in water bodies

Structural water enhancement as part of watercourse maintenance

Training on structural improvements in flowing water bodies as part of watercourse maintenance

Minimum discharge investigations

Assessment of residual flow and minimum flow sections regarding their ecological functionality, especially in terms of passability and habitat availability for aquatic organisms

Technical-hydraulic assessment of fish passage facilities

Assessment of technical facilities in terms of functionality and state-of-the-art technology

Functionality of fish passage facilities

Combination of technical-hydraulic assessment and fish monitoring for the evaluation of functionality and fish passage capability of the structure

Measurement technology & hydrometry

Consultation on measurement technology and equipment

Remote sensing of water bodies

Consultation on remote sensing of water bodies using drones, satellites, or other systems

Measurement concepts

Development of measurement concepts tailored to the customer’s individual expectations and requirements

Implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WRRL) for watercourse maintainers

Consultation on the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive for watercourse maintainers


Fish monitoring

Concept development for specific inquiries and the elaboration of individual monitoring concepts


Our Projects

I AM HYDRO GmbH is an internationally operating company. 

Since our establishment, we have been involved in numerous projects both in our home country and abroad.


I AM HYDROCam installation on the Lech

Installation of a HydroCam on the Lech for monitoring a fish trap.

Field study Shohimardon, Uzbekistan

Field study to investigate the passage and minimum water discharge of a new hydropower plant.


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